ATRA industrial group is one of the pioneer manufacturer
of heat processing furnace, oven and equipment in the
Middle East since 2006 by the management team with over
two decades of experience.

ATRA industrial group have been developing and producing
industrial furnaces for many different applications more than 15 years
As a manufacturer, ATRA offers the widest and deepest range of
furnaces, ovens and heat treatment lines

Our expertise includes industrial and laboratory divided into as following:

  •     Design, consult, construct and install of heat treatment line projects
  •     Produce all kinds of electrical and fuel laboratory and industrial furnaces and ovens, ranging from 30 to 1800°C
  •     Design and manufacture temperature calibration devices
  •     Design and produce special ceramics up to 1700 °C
  •     Design and produce temperature controllers for all ATRA devices in the electronic section

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